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This is iKredit

iKredit is a customer-focused and business-driven financial company with specialties in uniquely designed financing solutions. Using these solutions, our customers get access to the best equipment without lack of capital or degrading key figures. This is made possible in close cooperation with banks, financial institutions and insurance companies connected to iKredit.

Our business concept

Our personal commitment and genuine interest make clear impressions in customer focus, business understanding, flexibility and creativity. By deeply understanding each individual business, we create high customer benefit and the conditions for satisfied customers, suppliers and financial partners.

  • We finance our customers growth through business with high customer benefit.
  • We believe in the personal meeting and work out unique concepts from idea to funded items together with our partners.
  • Our long experience and expertise in a number of different industry-specific areas have given us important knowledge of the objects we finance.
  • We have an extensive network of contacts and operate throughout the Nordic region.
  • We design financing based on your company's goals.
  • We finance all kinds of equipment needed in a company and with knowledge and commitment we design the best financing solution for our customers.

For us, there are no standard solutions, just creative and unique financing such as we shape together based on the individual company's and the business's best interests.

Experience, competence and contact network

We have many years of experience from a variety of finance companies and in most industry- specific areas. Our ambition is to share with you our experience as well as our extensive network of contacts when we together form the financing that is the best just for your needs and conditions.


Together we make it possible

Our broad experience in combination with our genuine interest and understanding of the individual deal means that we create clear benefit and effect in every business we participate in. If you are an international supplier looking for a financial partner in Sweden, please contact us for a first step to make business together. We help our customers and partners to develop their business to their full potential.

Welcome to contact us